The Format

The YGGM format is unique and flexible with a morning and afternoon round.  Most golfers play both rounds but we know some golfers need more options to choose from.

MORNING ROUND (7am - noon)

Golfers have their own cart and are paired with another golfer to play a side-by-side 1-Man Scramble.  Each golfer tees up 3 balls at each hole and plays 3 more shots from their own previous best ball.  That's the equivalent of 3 rounds in 1!

AFTERNOON ROUND (12:30pm - 5:30pm)

More golf with more company. It's a 2-Man Scramble.  Teams are sent out in foursomes (2 teams of 2 golfers). You and your partner each hit 2 balls each time and play the best ball of those 4 shots.  The other twosome does the same. That's the equivalent of 2 rounds in 1!

Don't worry about bringing lots of golf balls - we'll provide you with as many range balls to play with all day!



Golf All Day. We know you can do it.

·         Set up a fundraising page with a goal to raise $2,500

·         Invite an afternoon guest to join you

Golf in EITHER the AM or PM Round

·         Set up a fundraising page with a goal to raise $2,500

·         Recruit a buddy and make a TEAM

Design Your Own Day

·         Set up an INDIVIDUAL or TEAM fundraising page

·         Coordinate your FORMAT and FUNDRAISING GOAL with Laurie Reidman (lreidman@coyfc.org or (714) 315-9110)